>How did I get here and where is the mall.

1 Apr

>I’m not serious about the mall. Well, okay a little. Here I am, on the island of Guadeloupe in the french west indies. It’s a laid back place filled with exciting little events, like coconuts falling from trees or having to kill an enormous cockroach with your flip flop. Yeah, it’s not always roses, especially when you become convinced that the roaches know who you are and are running at you, ensemble, in some form of attack. Despite my war with the roaches, life is pretty sweet.

Now in my mid thirties, (when do I say late thirties? I refuse to do so until I’ve hit at least 38) I have this amazing opportunity to learn a new language, a new culture, and how to live in a family that consists of more than just myself. I’m learning a lot more than that but those are the majors. All of this learning makes for what I think are some pretty funny/cool/touching/interesting moments. I had the urge to share the ones that gave me the biggest belly laugh, a tear in my eye, a devilish grin, or that left me looking like a dork, the latter probably being the most common.

I grew up in the northeast of United States. I spent the last ten years in California. How did I get to Guadeloupe? Let’s chalk it up to love. You just never know when it can hit, and all the major facets of your life seem to coordinate in a perfect performance, with you out in front, being pushed ahead in a way you never could have conceived of, until you are finally there, center stage. It’s a little stressful, admitedly. Love can bring you places, but you still have to make your own way when you get there.

Life is different here as compared to where I have lived before: a bit slower. In a new place, without your close friends, it’s easy to feel lonely even surrounded by people. I found myself thinking of walking around the mall here for many reasons, the first of which being that the mall is air conditioned. Heaven. The second reason is that well, sadly, I feel at ease there. I can just walk, look, listen, and if I so desire, pay for some goods. Easy. Easier than trying to keep up with french conversation moving at 100 miles an hour when you’re stuck on the first sentence that ended five minutes ago. Someday……at least the book I bought said I’d be speaking French in ‘just three months’!

…and so, this is the world of a suburban-raised, city loving, now island living girl who doesn’t surf.


3 Responses to “>How did I get here and where is the mall.”

  1. Mark February 1, 2010 at 05:19 #

    >Hi,Sounds like quite an adventure. I moved to Panama from Canada 8 years ago at 42. Learned Spanish, started a business, almost went broke and now need a change. I love reading your blog because it gives me a first hand view of your adjustment to a new world. I can relate to the complete change of life..like hitting the reset button of your life. I am seriously thinking about moving to Martinique or Guadeloupe for 3 reasons…life in the tropics, to learn another language, and to have no immigration problems(I have an EU passport) as I did in Panama. I look forward to your posts…Thank You….Mark

  2. lesonbleu November 9, 2009 at 00:49 #

    >Hiya there,Found u by chance on twitter (me: nomadsmusic).You are experiencing in reverse what I went thru 13 years ago when I moved to the east coast to attend college.It’s quite a trip reading about home thru an American p.o.v ☺Bon Courage & looking forward to read some more…P.

  3. lesonbleu November 8, 2009 at 23:55 #

    >I found u on tweeter and I've been quite intrigued by your "social experiment". I'm you in reversed… kinda… except I'm a guy lol . I was raised in guadeloupe and moved to the eastern US 13 years ago for the sake of my studies. I'm quite curious about your take on my home and looking forward to your "gwadadventures".Toodles!P.

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