>Swimming to a tiny island from a bigger one…

12 Apr

>Island life has a lot to offer in terms of outdoor exercise, in spite of the insane heat this time of year. Swimming is top on my list: I can do it, it keeps me cool, and who doesn’t love the beach.
I couldn’t help but think of some cheesy symbolism in my swim: I leave the big piece of land for a smaller one. Just like leaving the States for this island of Guadeloupe. The difference is that in reality, I’m not heading directly back to the bigger piece of land, the States, for a nice sandwich and a nap on my towel. No, I’m staying on the smaller piece of land.

I do wish the smaller piece of land had a bit more to offer though. Just as during my swim, I get to the small island, and while I love the beauty, the natural state, and the people who are there are nice, it’s just … well…it’s an adjustment. Perhaps in life it’s like the swim: each time I go back and forth to my small island from the big one, it gets easier. Each time the current is strong but I still make it.


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