>Le phoque and other fun words

5 Aug

Sometimes, my own childish-ness is alarming. Recently propped against fluffy hotel pillows, glass of wine in hand, Fraggle Rock on the tv for the kids, we recounted the days events in the outlandishly expensive sweatbox that is Sea World.
Suddenly I’m pulled out of my after-a-day-of-standing-in-line-in-the-sun zone by one of the kids swearing. In English.
Wait a minute. How do they know that word?
Now I’m in a panic. Has my potty mouth got away from me again? How angry will my the Pirate be with me for inadvertently teaching his children English swear words?
The word in question is ‘the f word’. Fuck. Yep, it’s a nasty one when heard repeated back to you by small children you then realize you mistakenly used it around.
What had happened? Was it when I stubbed my toe on the chair rushing up to answer the only phone call I’ve ever received in Guadeloupe? Was it when I packed the kids into the car with promises of the beach only to realize that there was a. no gas in the vehicle and b. I had no Euros? I couldn’t be sure.

“Fuck?!” I looked inquisitively at the Pirate while realizing I had just repeated the offense.
“Le fuck,” He halfway imitated me. I assumed he was trying to make fun of my attempt to frenchify words by simply applying a fancy French accent to English words. “Le phoque”, he continued “is a seal. It means seal. P-H-O-Q-U-E, chica. Seal. Like we saw in Sea World.”


Of course, this is only the beginning of fun words. I particularly like the French word for peanuts: les cacahouètes, pronounced like ‘kaka-wet’
I’m sure I’ll uncover more as I stumble through acquiring the French language, and I’ll keep you posted.


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