>This one day I was kite surfing, and almost had my ear cut off…

20 Aug


That’s actually a loosely quoted sentence from a friend of mine. Yesterday we went to watch him and some other people do some kite surfing, a big thing here on the windy south eastern coastlines. I’m no expert, but did find some nice explanations of kite surfing in Guadeloupe along with information about lessons – in English.
I took some photos, and perhaps
against my better judgement (read:moms worried
voice echoing in my head) decided that I’d like to give it a try someday. Someday when there is hardly anyone in the water that is. The idea of some of the strings that connect the kite to the surf(er) coming by my ear at such a speed that the ear almost swims with the fish on its own makes the experience so inviting, I mean all I have to do is come out with my ears intact and I’m a success!


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