>France vs Guadeloupe, and I don’t mean who can hold the longest strike

21 Aug



I found this blog, and well, I guess my French is improving because some of the stuff I can actually read, understand, and appreciate, which for this Americaine is quite shocking.
The proof is in the pudding, I must be somewhat Gwadaized since I can appreciate the humor in this post about the difference between France and Guadeloupe.

Translation (as always, not perfect)

“To begin, I’d like to repeat a phrase I heard a while ago, ‘Guadeloupe is France, but France is not Guadeloupe’. There it is, and now I’ll make a little attack with a list of the differences between Guadeloupe and France:

1. In France, gas costs around 1,23 euros per liter. In Guadeloupe, gas costs 1,08 euros per liter. (+1 Guadeloupe)

2. In France, tomatoes are 4,85 euros per kilo. In Guadeloupe, after the strikes, we had no more trouble finding tomatoes at 2 euros per kilo. (+2 Guadeloupe)

3. In France, rum costs about 16 euros per liter. In Guadeloupe, rum costs about 7 euros per liter. (+3 Guadeloupe)

4. In Paris, to go to the beach, you take the A6, the A10, the train or a plane (if you’re poor you stay in Paris beach). In Guadeloupe….(4 zip, Guadeloupe)

5. In France, a high speed Internet connection costs 30 euros a month for 20 Megabytes, phone is free 24/7, and dozens of free cable channels. In Guadeloupe, when you have Internet and the connection is good, you know it’s going to be a good day. (+1 France)

6. In France, even summer is a bit chilly. In Guadeloupe, even winter can be too hot.

5-1, Guadeloupe wins…for the moment! You need to travel outside of your island to know that you can feel good there after all.”

Image of Paris beach: Paris Plage 2004, Photo by Pascal Fonquernie, parismarais.com


4 Responses to “>France vs Guadeloupe, and I don’t mean who can hold the longest strike”

  1. Mixal August 28, 2012 at 18:54 #

    That’s interesting. I have heard the opposite from everyone, e.g. that it’s hard to find a proper meal (meat + veggies) for less than 12 euros there. But when comparing what I hear and what I find when I actually visit some place, I always find those reports on prices overblown. I guess it would be the same with Guadeloupe. One thing is sure though: some things in Guadeloupe are really overpriced (Botanic Garden, zoo and public transport being the prime examples).

    • Girl in Guadeloupe September 2, 2012 at 09:29 #

      Hi Mixal, Thanks for reading. To your point, it IS in fact difficult to find a proper meal for less than twelve euros…But allow me to clarify. A ‘proper’ meal for me would mean something healthy, but not necessarily a large portion. Fact is, we can find a number of small eats in Guadeloupe for under twelve euros:Bokit,smoothie,(that’s a new addition to the fast food selection),McDonald’s, KFC,sandwiches made fresh at the boulangerie, agoulou, cheeseburgers, crepes, and maybe a pizza if you can get a small size or a slice, but for some reason slices aren’t sold here.
      So, if you’re not set on the properness (unfortunately I usually am) then you’re good! In a restaurant, you’re definitely shelling out at least 15 a person and that’s with the basic plate and water from the tap.
      As for the Botanical Gardens, it’s both a local and a tourist destination, so I guess they’ll take what they can get people to pay once they’re in the middle of the Route de la Traverse with not many other options…kind of like the airport cocktail prices…;-)

      • Mixal September 3, 2012 at 05:46 #

        Yeah, things like McDonald don’t have “proper” meals 🙂 When I was in south of France, I would easily find 3-course meals for 10 euros in the centre of Marseille, Nimes or Montpellier. I suppose south is cheaper, though. What I also liked were these local buses for 1.50 euros which cover up to 50 kms. I think they are all over France now. Do you have them in Guadeloupe?

      • Girl in Guadeloupe January 3, 2013 at 19:49 #

        Hello there, there are certainly a lot of busses in Guadeloupe. I seem to be stuck behind them constantly. I have never taken a bus in Guadeloupe and probably won’t as I don’t need to. They do seem to go all over, but the times are limited to certain hours and probably limited on Sundays and holidays.

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