>Ti-punch, when fruit punch just won’t cut it.

3 Sep


What’s that? You can’t understand the Wiki definition of ti-punch because it’s in French?

Welcome to my world, all day, every day.

..well okay I’m improving, but if I lose focus for two freaking seconds in a conversation, it’s like trying to follow a philosophy lecture…’yep, yep, got it, totally, okay…I’m good. Uh-huh, okay…wait. Wait a minute. No, really stop, just hang on a second, I need to go back to – what? Wait, that’s what you’re talking about? No. No! No, I….oooooohhhh ohkayyyyyyy, I was right with you all along after all! I totally get it! Wait, what? ….what the hell are you saying right now?!! Dammit!

What can I say, I wanted you to share the experience for a moment. And now for the good stuff: Ti-punch. The chicanition (that’s a definition by chica, btw) is:

1. Grab a small glass. I mean small like your Gramma used for prune juice. Trust me.
2. Throw a couple of spoonfuls of pure cane sugar in the glass, give or take some.
3. Squeeze juice of one lime in to the glass, more or less depending on your guts/rhum taste tolerance.
4. Mash sugar and lime juice together extremely well.
5. Take some space shuttle fuel Caribbean rhum (I recommend Pere Labat, but Bologne is common at restaurants)and pour about three ounces into the glass.
6. Take note of the proof – it will be 50 or 59 proof. Consider this for a moment. Take a sip.
7. Enjoy the __________
(insert whatever it is you’re enjoying, i.e. the view of the sea, the silence of the lambs as the children sleep, the card game, your friends face since he thought s/he was about to sip something mellow, like punch, regular ol’ giant-red-pitcher-mascot punch.)


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