>The things you say

23 Sep

>I realize that there are statements in my day to day vocabulary now that weren’t there before. This is normal, I suppose, as life goes on.  I mean, one wouldn’t use the term ‘my ex’ until it applied, right, but I’m talking about regular every day statements, things I say often, that I definitely did not say often before.  Previously, something I said daily was, “Hi, medium latte with whole milk, please. No, I don’t need a gift card. No, thanks, I don’t want a muffin, they’re fattening. No, no I don’t want a low fat one that is twice the size of the full fat one…”
Nowadays, some of the every day statements strike me as funny or just odd, especially taken out of context, for examples:

“Yep, that’s a road. Just get into first gear, yeah yeah it’s fine.”

“There’s a friend in the hall. I killed him, but you can pick him up and dispose of the body. I’m just not there yet.”

“No, I don’t feel like going to the beach today.”

“Ok, we are looking for the big palm tree. That’s where we turn.”

“Who smells like kaka? Come here. Let me look in your underwear.”

“Close the window in case a bat flies in.”

“Allo? Je ne parle pas Francais. Desole.”

“Je suis Americaine.  …..No, je ne sais pas pourquoi. C’est un dommage.”
(I’m American….(in response to where are you from)..No, I don’t know why, it’s a pity” (in response to people asking why all Americans only speak one language…)

“My lime tree is gone.”


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