>On the shopping list: mice

24 Jan

>Since The Pirate was being super sweet: offering to do the weekly food shopping AND wash the car, I supported his efforts in/took passive-aggressive control of the situation by making a list for him. I’m a great girlfriend.
On the list were the standard things: cookies, pasta, toilet paper, boric acid, cockroach spray, shampoo, mice.


Well, I was trying to carry on my role as incredibly awesome and never stressed step-mother-like figure by listing some items for Les Monstres which I know they enjoy, like the little smiley faces you can find in your grocers’ freezer. They’re great in a pinch, with ketchup. Katsup? Anyway…in French the word for smile is ‘sourire’ and the name for mouse is ‘souris’. Being as incredibly advanced beginner as I am in the French language, you can imagine the error in trying to list, and pluralize the word for smile…I speak English, so…I just…changed the ending and added an s. Easy, right? Yah.

If, by some chance, you were in the aisle of Carrefour the other day while The Pirate was shopping with my ‘I support you’/passive-aggressive list, surely you witnessed him busting a gut as he came to the tenth item on the list: mice. And you know what the best part is? He totally figured it out.
And that, my friends, is because Pirates are clever.


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