>I really should have spoken with that farmer….

18 Mar

>Remember that post about the farmer who lived behind the apartment complex we used to live in?
Here it is if you’re interested. In short, the farmer seemed to have magic fertilizer because his plants grew so fast it was incredible to me. He also had pigs. Loud loud pigs. At times it was scary. I am not sure if you’ve ever heard a pig screaming, but it is one of the more disturbing sounds I’ve ever heard. At first listen in fact, you’re not entirely sure that the sound isn’t coming from a small child. Blech.
I’ll get to the point: in an ironic turn of events, the pig killed and ate the farmer. True story. Sad story. Horrifying in fact. I’ve been wanting to post about it for ages but what with no net at the house and all….
Here’s the link to the article in the local paper.
In English, the 300 pound-ish pig charged the 77 year old farmer and knocked him down. She killed him. She ate part of his legs and head. The nephew of the farmer found him when it was too late and called the authorities.
How frickin’ horrifying is that??????
And to think I laughed when the farmer was in our complex looking for that pig one time, when she got loose. Eeek. My heart went out to the family. What an awful awful experience. Gawd.


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