>Tweetage Wasteland : Say Hello to My Little Friend

9 Jun

>A re-blog of another blog. Because it’s relevant. Although my French is (according to some friends) much better than it was a few months ago, I still don’t really pick up on conversations going on around me if I’m not trying to participate. What I’m saying is, I don’t overhear things. I tune it out. It’s too much work. Do I tune it out conversations going on around me at the mall back home? Probably. That being said, I could overhear with greater ease something being said in English.
Since I’m not snooping on my neighbors conversations, I choose to spend my waiting time – have I mentioned that there is A LOT of that here – looking at stuff on my iphone. In the doctors office, at the post office, the bank, the supermarket, the school parking lot, in traffic, walking in the mall, at the restaurant. With the Pirate. Sad but true folks. Much like the writer in my re-blog, I have used the excuse that my iphone keeps me in touch. With who? With my family and friends back home. It provides an opportunity to communicate with ease, to understand jokes, to make snarky comments on peoples facebook posts. Ahhh, the simple things in life.
But what of real conversation? I miss it. I know as I post and read completely gratuitous things that I’m not truly participating in a conversation. I know that with every hour spent looking at a screen I am keeping myself from practicing French, and from meeting people where I am RIGHT NOW.
And you know what? I can’t stop. I don’t want to stop. I’m not ready. Perhaps I have not hit my rock bottom and I’m happy dwelling in my semi-reality; iphone in hand, laptop within reach, English language jokes a plenty to keep me laughing. Ahhh. Yes. No celebrity rehab for internet over-users here. Not yet. Hey….what’s that? Is that a new app? Where ya goin’?

Tweetage Wasteland : Say Hello to My Little Friend


One Response to “>Tweetage Wasteland : Say Hello to My Little Friend”

  1. Scott June 11, 2010 at 12:53 #

    >HI GG,I am laughing at you and with you (mostly with you) as between my wife and I we have experienced almost everything you have written about. And you're still sane! Well, looks like you might be getting closer to the edge there with some of those last posts, but that happens to all of us. Ha!I found you blog a couple of months ago when we found out there was a chance we would be moving to Guadeloupe, but didn't want to contact you till we knew for sure. Now it looks like a near certain thing, so thought I would introduce myself (by the way, you have a nice writing style…color me jealous).My name is Scott, my wife's name is Coco. I'm american, Coco is from France. We live in Mazatlan Mexico at the moment. I spent 7 years being abused by the french on the island of St. Barth where I tried not to destroy their beautiful language (unsuccessful). After that we spent 8 years living in Arizona where Coco would watch Friends in english to get more of a handle on the language and try not to abuse the americans for their stupidity!I have lots of questions for you if you're in the mood, drop me a line if your are interested.My email: antelopegardens@yahoo.comOur website if you need a laugh: http://www.antelopegardens.com/Hope to hear from you.Scott

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