Outdated, oddly placed, strangely said

3 Sep

To continually enjoy living Someplace Else, I think it’s important to allow yourself to enjoy the little things. How cheesy.  So true though.  This morning the Pirate left early to enjoy some waves and I’m in my element: tv on, computer on with way too many pages open, lists being made for the sake of making them, coffee drunk, air conditioner still running, les Petits Monstres at their mom’s house….a calm morning. MY morning. Some might say it’s lame. I call it heaven.

There are so many little things around Guadeloupe that make me laugh or just shake my head. It’s not to say you can’t find stuff like this anywhere, but well, I’m here.

At the newer hospital, in Jarry, in 2011, we can find out what was happening in Guadeloupe in 2005. An array of posters and announcements in the main entrance lobby shows  that there was a Film Festival for Mental Health, free entry. C’est pas grave, no big deal that the little poster just hasn’t been changed or removed in six years…but it kind of makes you wonder about other parts of the hospital upkeep.  Maybe they just lost the key to the poster case. It’s good they’re safe in there.

Another six year old announcement in the hospital lobby, this one for an orchid expo.  If you can get your time machine running you can go see the flowers in 2005 at the World Trade Center in Guadeloupe. I’ll have to confirm the size of the WTC Guadeloupe, but I can assure you it’s not making the list of world wonders in either 2005 or 2011. They do host a lot of useful events there.

A head scarf is part of the Creole traditional dress.  In a local fruit and vegetable market, I found it so random to find some examples of the madras head scarfs on display with the bananas. There is a nice explanation of how to tie the scarf and what it symbolizes next to each style. I had an urge to draw eyes and put makeup on the Styrofoam heads, they seem so void of emotion. I held back and went on to purchase giraumon and mangue, yum.

“Payments by check, bank card, foreign currency are not accepted.” Could have been faster to type, “Cash Only”?


2 Responses to “Outdated, oddly placed, strangely said”

  1. Kari September 4, 2011 at 11:13 #

    another great blog my gwada girl… i bet they did lose the key….. love the broken clope by the no cheques sign…lol

  2. Allen September 3, 2011 at 10:09 #

    There is at times a kind of absurdity that creeps into life, even here in mainland France. I happened, yesterday to learn a name for something in the UK we’d describe as ‘transparent plastic’ – but in the DIY store it was ‘verre transparente artificielle’ (artificial transparent glass). The absurdity is, of course, that it definitely isn’t glass, Your ‘cash only’ sign reminded me of it. 😉

    We haven’t got any six year old posters at the hospital, but on the notice board there was an advert for someone who had some kittens to give away … in 2009. I think they may be a bit old by now… and definitely not kittens. 🙂

    PS: Glad to see you are posting again.

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