Official Tourism Website of Guadeloupe and a cookbook

20 Nov

The Comité du Tourisme des Iles de Guadeloupe has a very decent website.  I’d like to tell you that you can click on the little American flag for English, but at this moment the link seems to go nowhere. I clicked on the Canadian flag, et voila, English version of the site available, with special prices for flights and packages. From Montreal. So…you do the math from your neck of the woods in terms of getting here but for the rest of the information, you’ll be able to see how the tourism board presents Guadeloupe to the masses.

What brought me to the site of the Comité du Tourisme in the first place was a cookbook. Titled Palet’A Klendenden and written by L’association Seven Ladies with the partnership of the Comité. In French with English translation, this book has allowed me to feel like I’m not a total flop in the kitchen – and I honestly follow the recipes in French unless I really don’t know what a word means. I heard that. “Yeah right”. It’s true! It’s a great way to learn more French and gain confidence in the kitchen because I have to break through my inability to make things requiring more than five steps and understanding the French instructions. Stressful life.

If you visit, you can buy a copy at the airport bookstore. So far, the rest of the recipe books I’ve seen are in French.


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