French Movies. I’m trying. Really I am.

24 Nov

The Pirate laughs at me because of my love for a good blockbuster film. Whatever. There is nothing wrong with enjoying an entirely predictable ending.  Apparently the French see this differently.  From what I can tell, the French use films to show a more realistic view of life. Eesh. Who the hell wants that? In any case I think it’s a great idea to watch foreign films. I can learn more French slang, expressions, and all that. I can get to know the actors, and most of all, the culture. So far, I believe the French make films about life, while Americans make fims about how they want their life to be. A heaping spoonful of generalization a day might make angry people comment on my blog.

I’m making the effort. I recruited friends to make lists for me. I’m going through them pretty quickly:

1.L’Auberge Espagnole (which I kept calling L’aubergine espagnole, not at all the same thing as one is a commune(auberge) and the other is a vegetable(aubergine). Both would be Spanish in this case.)

1b. Les Poupees Russe – A follow up to L’Auberge Espanole, not as good, but somehow satisfied my need to see the storyline of those characters continue.

2. Un Diner de Cons (Amercans remade this with Steve Carrel, Dinner for shmucks. The French version, so-so. A bit too fast for me to be honest, I’m sure it’s better if I understand all the sayings and cultural references. I’ve never seen the American version.

3. Un Air de Famille. Let’s put it this way: I said to my (French) friend after watching this, “nothing happened in that movie,” to which she replied, “Yes, but isn’t that life sometimes? Sometimes nothing happens.” Damnit, she’s right, but I still didn’t love the movie.

4. Bienvenue Chez Les Chtis – So great! Story of a French family from a big city who move to a quiety country town. Funny and sweet.

5. L’Italien – I saw this on a plane, pretty good cultural romance/comedy.

6. 0ss 117 – funny ala Austin Powers

7. Brice de Nice – funny ala Dude Where’s My Car

8. Le Fabuleux destin d’Amelie Poulin, called simply Amelie in the states.

9. Largo Winch -great flick!

10. Les Bronzes – done in the style, and I think the same year/s as the Griswold family vacation movies.

11. Les Bronzes Font du Ski

12. Random nameless French movies shown on daytime tv: essentially the lesson on French culture taken from this category is that children are much wiser than adults, who are generally miserable.


One Response to “French Movies. I’m trying. Really I am.”

  1. Linda Massie November 24, 2011 at 21:43 #

    Totally agree….who needs to imbibe more of real life in movies?!! I go to movies to escape, and to see endings I would like to experience but usually do not. This may be an American view but that’s how I see it.


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