Do and See in Guadeloupe

14 Jan

Going ‘out’ in Guadeloupe isn’t that easy. Why? No information. Little communication. Billboards are taken up by ads for cheap furniture when they could be put to better use to tell people about the handful of events going on on the island on any given night. I’ve found some help though. There are apparently some people making the effort to get information out to the masses who normally have people ‘at home’ or go to a restaurant. Bar culture doesn’t really exist here. So, for your going ‘out’ pleasure, here is the link to the kkfet newsletter:

I used this to find out about a concert a few weeks back. The concert was set to begin at 10:00 but actually started at almost midnight. In spite of the fact that it was in a bar which was nothing more than a few tin walls, and no back wall but a big green tarp, it was a great night. They make food there but I questioned it’s quality. Sorry guys. The grill set up on the back counter with a huge dusty fan blowing the smoke into the bar just wasn’t my thing. The group you booked however was fabulous.



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