To Do in Guadeloupe: first scuba dive

3 Aug

What: First Scuba dive of my life

Where: Malendure, Basse-Terre

Product/Service: PPK (Plaisir Plongee Karukera)

The review:

First off, I was pretty nervous. I’m rather risk-averse or so I’ve been told, and fitting with that I could not wrap my head around being under water and breathing. The monitors were extremely kind with the first-time divers. Each beginner had their own monitor who took them for a 20 minute dive at 6 meters. It was stunning.  I can’t believe I waited so long to do that! Breathing was easy, and the Cousteau Reserve is just an amazing aquarium. I saw so many fish, so many colors…really beautiful.

A friend of mine who dives with PPK brought me along. She likes them, as do I, because they make the effort to put everyone at ease. Their main shop or meeting point is just across the road from the Malendure beach parking lot. They put the tanks, wetsuits, masks, fins, and also snorkel equipment on the boat for you so you’ve really got nothing to do except go. While you wait or after you’ve finished your dive, you can snorkel a bit around the boat while the others finish. After the boat goes back to the dock, there is water, coffee and planteur waiting back at the shack! Yeah! I highly recommend the planteur and then a short walk over to Le Rocher de Malendure for a great meal. (Review and pics in an upcoming post!)

I plan to go back and complete my level 1 with PPK!  I do not have any amazing pictures from under water ….in time I will be able to manage a camera maybe plus my tank but for now, check out PPK’s facebook page to see where I was and some of the same fish I saw!

Five out of five ti-punch.

Here’s their facebook with contact info and gorgeous photos from dives:



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