A strange phase…

2 Sep

So I’m all adjusted now, no more need to write this silly blog. Just kidding. The narcissist in me likes to hear myself write. Thing is, I’m feeling a bit different now here in Guadeloupe. Since I tied Pirate to a very uncomfortable chair and made him sign a marriage contract married Pirate in a lovely city hall ceremony where a kind man called us by the wrong family name numerous times throughout the ceremony, things have taken a turn for me…

Here’s what’s happening:

1. I’ll have my spousal visa in two weeks time, normalement. Kudos to the French consulate in Boston, MA for being more up to date on the French laws than the officials in Guadeloupe, otherwise I might still be in my plastic chair in the crowded, not air-conditioned sous-prefecture with my little paper ticket waiting….

2. I’ll be able to work again. Yeah, I’m going to regret it but I’ll go ahead and say it – not working is totally overrated. I will go ahead and be all judgy and say that ‘those women’ who say (and yes this is a direct quote from someone I will never identify) “All I want is for someone to take care of me, I just want to have my baby and stay at home” – those women- they are freaking nutso crazy. But that’s just me. Ask me again when I’m working and whining about it and ‘those women’ have it all.

3. I’ve made it over some sort of mountain in terms of culture shock and management.  There are still a few good things that get my panties all in a bunch but you know, for the most part, I’ve become accustomed to a number of things that I really didn’t get/care for in the beginning. It’s a long list, and a good idea for a post now that I think about it…But let’s just say I can kill mutant cockroaches all by myself now (of course I leave them under the shoe with which they were killed for Pirate to throw away..) and scolos have been known to crawl across my foot, not sting me, and I just let them walk away. meme pas peur.

4. The locals accept me as a local. AHHAAHHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH …..not exactly. That’s an entirely different post.

5. I use less stuff. It’s true. Just…less. Less water in the shower, less a/c, less clothes dryer(read:sun),less ice. I’ve definitely learned that we don’t really need all the stuff we have to live and be happy. Thanks for that valuable lesson Guadeloupe, sincerely one of the best I’ve learned.

So here’s a bunch of random shots from life in Gwada up until now…just because.

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4 Responses to “A strange phase…”

  1. Jonathan Riddell September 4, 2012 at 06:02 #

    I miss Guadeloupe, all the beaches and the rainforest and I found everyone friendly. A shame I got attacked by pirates and ended up in hospital then had to run away home. The winter will be back here soon but it’ll be forever summer in Guadeloupe.

    • Girl in Guadeloupe January 3, 2013 at 19:51 #

      I find it simply amazing that you can still refer to a place as friendly after you were attacked there! Yes, indeed it is forEVER summer in Guadeloupe…forever. and ever. and ever.

  2. Allen September 2, 2012 at 13:05 #

    Now that is really great news!

    In a general sense it is called acclimatization, isn’t it? (I put the ‘z’ in so as not to offend your grammatic roots….) 😉

    Were you being serious about being thought of as a local, though?


    • Girl in Guadeloupe September 2, 2012 at 13:45 #

      Well I’m seriously sarcastic about it – I’ll never be a local. It’s really ok. I think I wanted too much to fit in when in reality there is nothing wrong with not completely blending like a chameleon. This is combined with a sad realization that there is, for a good number of locals, a real dislike of strangers or women or strange white women…it’s a sensitive topic and I’ll try my best to dedicate a post to it when I’m ready. Signed, aclimatized! love the Z!

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