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Happy hours…La Toubana in Guadeloupe

17 Jun

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I love a great view, great conversation, and a glass of wine with the Pirate after a long hot day in the beginning of summer in Guadeloupe. La Toubana is a great place for that. They also have a beach party once a month for anyone to attend, but I will confess that it’s not my favorite beach since it’s actually a little manmade beach for the hotel. That being said, they have a small restaurant right on the beach there, with food and drink service to the big comfortable beachy style beds you can pay for which are on the dock, just lovely, really, though I never took advantage.

The main restaurant is up on the hill, by the hotel and spa, and is excellent. The service exists, and is great. A must see simply for an apero if you haven’t got the inclination to stay at the hotel or utilize the spa services or the beach.

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