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Marie Galante and the tree toilettes

15 Aug

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There are actually a few islands that are part of Guadeloupe.: Basse-Terre and Grande-Terre make up Guadeloupe.  The rest are La Désirade, Les Saintes, and Marie-Galante.  The Pirate and I went to Marie-Galante for the day yesterday, a first for both of us. I kind of had that feeling of how the heck were you born and raised here and you never went there? Then I remembered that I didn’t make it to New York City from the suburbs of Boston until I was almost 21. Seriously, self? What were you thinking shopping in TJMaxx all that time when you could have taken the train to NYC on the weekends to eventually become a fashionista who turns into a famous-for-nothing housewife?

Marie Galante is beautifully green. The island is round and flat with incredibly beautiful beaches. We visited Capesterre in the south of the island and did some snorkeling around some beautiful coral reef which was host to plenty of smaller brightly colored fish. We thumbed to Capesterre center from the airport which is about four miles away. The island is small and the locals are kind. This time of year there is not a rental car or a scooter to be found as August 15th is a bank holiday. On the beaches of Capesterre, there are plenty of small beach restaurants and an ATM within walking distance. If you ask for les toilettes as I did you may get the same response as I did which was a shrug of the shoulders accompanied by a big smile and a glance towards the sea, “Beh, pas vraiment…une petite arbre ou….”. Not really…a little tree or…. What’s beyond awesome is that I didn’t even bat an eye. Two years ago I think I would have panicked. These days, all tropicalized and all, this is normal conversation.I actually looked for a tree, but decided to try the public toilet two minutes down the road. I’ll just say I should have stuck with the tree.

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