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>France vs Guadeloupe, and I don’t mean who can hold the longest strike

21 Aug



I found this blog, and well, I guess my French is improving because some of the stuff I can actually read, understand, and appreciate, which for this Americaine is quite shocking.
The proof is in the pudding, I must be somewhat Gwadaized since I can appreciate the humor in this post about the difference between France and Guadeloupe.

Translation (as always, not perfect)

“To begin, I’d like to repeat a phrase I heard a while ago, ‘Guadeloupe is France, but France is not Guadeloupe’. There it is, and now I’ll make a little attack with a list of the differences between Guadeloupe and France:

1. In France, gas costs around 1,23 euros per liter. In Guadeloupe, gas costs 1,08 euros per liter. (+1 Guadeloupe)

2. In France, tomatoes are 4,85 euros per kilo. In Guadeloupe, after the strikes, we had no more trouble finding tomatoes at 2 euros per kilo. (+2 Guadeloupe)

3. In France, rum costs about 16 euros per liter. In Guadeloupe, rum costs about 7 euros per liter. (+3 Guadeloupe)

4. In Paris, to go to the beach, you take the A6, the A10, the train or a plane (if you’re poor you stay in Paris beach). In Guadeloupe….(4 zip, Guadeloupe)

5. In France, a high speed Internet connection costs 30 euros a month for 20 Megabytes, phone is free 24/7, and dozens of free cable channels. In Guadeloupe, when you have Internet and the connection is good, you know it’s going to be a good day. (+1 France)

6. In France, even summer is a bit chilly. In Guadeloupe, even winter can be too hot.

5-1, Guadeloupe wins…for the moment! You need to travel outside of your island to know that you can feel good there after all.”

Image of Paris beach: Paris Plage 2004, Photo by Pascal Fonquernie, parismarais.com

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