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>You won’t know how to get there unless you’ve gone the wrong way at least twice.

2 Sep

>I have decided that there is a phenomenon in Guadeloupe (and I might guess on many islands with a similar setup) which is: giving directions by giving every direction aside from the ones you actually need, thereby sending a person precisely where they need to go.

An excerpt of conversation between me and the pirate proving that this exists:

Me: (driving the ‘woods’ road through the island) “See? I know my way around. I’m good now , huh?”
Pirate: “Yeah, and now, since we took that turn, do you know where we are?”
Me: “Ummmm, yeah, okay, that house over there looks like the back of the house across the street from the little house by the other beach that we didn’t rent, but it’s not, but it reminds me of it, and makes me remember that I’m not there, but here, after the kind of main road, and before the big part of the woods, and so I know that this is where I stay left to get to that other part of the woods road where the guys live instead of going right because that makes me go to the top of that hill with the school with the white fence near where we went to your friends house that night, and I don’t want to go that way.”
Pirate: “Exactly! I’m impressed.”

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