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>Holy not the same battle cry, Batman

9 Oct

>A shameless repost of one of my favorite things. Couldn’t help myself. Thanks, Family Guy for hours of entertainment for me and The Pirate. With love from Guadeloupe.

I remember when I used to read the comics in the newspaper when I was young. You know how there are certain words used to display certain actions, like ‘kapow!’ for a punch, or ‘blam!‘ for an explosion? The thing is, I’ve realized that action words like these are not universal. Who knew? Outside of the comic strips, there are action words that people use in descriptive conversation. For example, I might say: “We just put the boards in the car, and bang we’re ready to go surf”. But The Pirate would say: “We just put the boards in the car, crack crack (with a French accent rrrrrr) and we’re ready to go surf.”

Crack, crack? What the heck is that? There are many more. It makes me laugh to hear them because I’m then forced to really listen to my own choice expressions and in the end they’re all just noises.

So there’s the comic strip sound words, the daily expression action words, and then there are the animal-imitated-by-human sounds. For example, we in the states all know that cows say ‘moooooo’, right? Right. And roosters crow like this: ‘cock-a-doodle-dooooo!’ And sheep say ‘baaaaaaaa’ and elephants…well, I’m not too sure on that one actually.
The French seem to disagree. Apparently, and I’ve verified this with childrens’ books, the official source of animal-imitated-by-human sounds, French roosters, aka les coques, say, ‘Coo-co-ri-cooooo!’

No. No they do not. But perhaps since they are speaking French, well, how can I argue with the sounds of the French language? They make so much sense after all. (read:not pronouncing entire syllables of words does NOT sense make, grasshopper)

I am so happy that somebody somewhere found the following clip from Family Guy (hellooo LOVE that show) amusing enough to post it on YouTube, because I can’t yet figure out how to do that on my own. This is Stewie, playing with a classic 70’s toy, See and Say. In case you are not familiar with See and Say, I’ll explain:

I learned all of my animal-imitated-by-human sounds from See and Say. It’s a big round disk with animal pictures on it. You pull a string on the side, and the device randomly chooses an animal, and then samples the sound for you. Something like:

”Cow, the cow says moooooooooooo”. (and it DID say moo because it was an American cow, I now realize. Had I been gifted a European See and Say, I would have been mocked on the playground, surely scarring me for life)

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