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Around Guadeloupe – homes and other buildings

7 Sep

Once you get used to a place, do you forget what it felt like to see it as new? Houses and buildings in Guadeloupe seem different to me now than they did when I first arrived. At night, for example, things are closed. You can’t tell if anyone lives there during the day, when places are opened to the air and the sun. At night, homes are shut to counter mosquitoes and to use the air conditioning. Where I’m from, central air conditioning is sacred. Seriously, open air? No screens? Insanity. Nature is out. People are in. Sweat your butt off outside but wear a sweater inside. The outside look of a house where I was raised doesn’t change much from night to day, apart from lighting. In Guadeloupe, the whole look of the house changes. Closed is closed. Big wooden shutters keep out bugs and light and keep in air conditioning, or as they call it, “clim”. (pronounced cleem, short for climatiseur – so fancy-pants.)

I enjoy looking at the houses and buildings around Guadeloupe. There are very old houses, and apartment buildings, each apartment with it’s tiny balcony where laundry is dried and stuff is stored. There are wooden island homes and concrete island homes.. There is a lot of graffiti in Guadeloupe in general. Some of it is art in the form of murals, but a lot of it is just crap. Older complexes and buildings have a ton of graffiti, which is what gives off such an uninviting air. Aside from the fact that I’m just another blogger, my lack of professional journalism shines through in the fact that I don’t even have a camera with a flash with which to take photos of graffiti covered buildings at night, so enjoy a few photos of houses and buildings in Guadeloupe during the day…

Older well maintained house, Sainte Anne Guadeloupe

Calm and cool, front porch of beautiful wooden home, Sainte Anne Guadeloupe

Bright happy colors, big wooden doors, Sainte Anne Guadeloupe

Newer construction for the library in Saint François Guadeloupe

Incredible color inside an open air bedroom, Tendacayou Hotel and Spa, Basse-Terre Guadeloupe

Older style home in Sainte Anne, put together over time around a small wooden central house. On the left is the closed in yard and other parts of the home.

Abandoned home on the side of the main road, Morne a l’Eau Guadeloupe

Messages in La Marina, Gosier Guadeloupe

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