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Holiday Season afterthoughts

3 Jan

…No, I don’t count New Year’s Eve in the holiday season because we already celebrate two holidays, Christmas and Hanukkah. New Year’s Eve is in a league of its own. So for all you sticklers out there who grumble every year, “Why do I have to wish people happy holidays? It’s Christmas man, that’s it, Christmas!”, there you go, jerkface, Pirate and me and the kids, we celebrate two holidays, so kindly wish us Happy Holidays or take the time to send me a card for each one or better yet just shut your closed-minded yap. You don’t get a Hanukkah card from me every year on Christmas, do you? That’s right.  Have I mentioned that I added a new category on my blog? It’s called Bitter is better. Isn’t that adorable?! Ok…Holiday season afterthoughts….

Why don’t the dolls look like the people? This is the question I asked Pirate the first year I spent Christmas in Guadeloupe. I refer to Christmas because it’s what is celebrated here for the most part. There are a small handful of toy stores on the island, and maybe once I saw one single doll that didn’t have white skin. Perhaps it raises some eyebrows that I bring this up, but it’s an honest question. Guadeloupe is about 9% white. So I’m wondering, is it possible that the rest of the population, who are of other ethnicity and races, are not providing demand for dolls that have skin color and/or features similar to theirs? Now look, I’m definitely NOT saying people shouldn’t play with dolls which don’t resemble them. Of course they should. What I’m saying is that I’m really surprised that there seem to be almost NO dolls that aren’t white with blue eyes and blonde hair on an island where only 9% of the population resembles that look. Why? It raises the question, if there were an island with only 9% of the population being non-white, but all the dolls were non-white, do you think there would be a ruckus over that from the white population? Depends on where said island would be I guess…..

This year I did see some more dolls of color. If I remember correctly,they were from the Bratz™ collection, and maybe some no-name Barbie™ imitation type dolls. Perhaps one baby-doll of color among a sea of pink and white boxes housing white baby dolls. After I started writing about this, I looked around to see if anyone else was dwelling on this. I found this cool body image blog called Adios Barbie where, in this post, the author talks about what she sees as the lack of choice among Barbies for people of color. I guess I’m not alone.

In any case, I’m thrilled that the holiday season is no longer upon us. It’s not that I’m a scrooge, but I guess I become overwhelmed by the commercialism, the concentration of all that ‘giving’ in one little time period, the pushy shoppers, the overplayed theme music, and worrying that I’m not picking out the right gifts. I appreciate more sporadic gifts myself, any time it’s not marked on the calendar or advertised all over creation that you’re supposed to give me a gift would be a better time. Pirate knows.

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