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This bed is a piece of toast. Toast, I tell you.

8 Sep

Just as I was waxing philosophical thanks to a reader’s mention of ‘enoughness’, I discovered this great post on this great site which I feel relates to the idea of enoughness, only coming from a slightly different angle.  Here’s what I’ve learned from two different people:

Enoughness=not having all the ‘stuff’ you had in your own country, but realizing that actually you have enough, even if you have less ‘stuff’.  Being able to feel happy without having everything you want or even everything you thought you needed.

Toleration: “The things (small and large) that we put up with in life but which make our lives just that bit more difficult and frustrating” –Evelyn of thesmartexpat.com

There are lots of  serious issues surrounding survival in another country, like healthcare, money, safety, your rights. I’d like to confess that it’s the little things that get me, in terms of enoughness and tolerations. Let’s review:

In the US, it’s fairly easy (although admitedly expensive) to buy a big, comfy bed where two people can sleep through the night without any of the following:

“Move over, I’m practically off the bed!” “Me too.” “Not even possible!(looks)Oh. Merde alors!”

Could I have a freaking corner of the blanket perhaps?”

“I can’t move my neck. The air conditioning blew directly on me all night. That can’t be good air. I think I’m sick. ”

“Is that a scolo?”

“Look on the wall. You told me cockroaches didn’t like heights and can’t fly.”

I have to say, and call me as American as you will, that the size of the beds here, and as I’ve seen in France,  were clearly designed without measuring the average person’s overall size.  It is clear to me that the beds were designed after some group of mattress researchers went into a third grade classroom, took measurements of height and weight, and left triumphant  and secure in their calculations for mattress production for grown ups.  Honestly, could we not simply have a mattress bigger than and thicker than a piece of toast? Is there not a topsheet or a blanket which could cover more than me or Pirate?  Why I ask you, must I set up a windguard system using duct tape, an old curtain, and a fan to block the lowest wind speed of 50mph which comes from the air conditioning unit which is (obviously)  mounted directly above our bed, which, based on the laws of physics and excellent architectural design, can only be placed in that particular spot in the room?

So you know, we tolerate it. We tolerate the matzoh bread mattress. We stay strong in the face of the howling wind that is the low setting on the clim, and I begin speaking to Pirate after a couple cups of coffee in the morning although he did his magic grab, roll, and lock trick with the covers all night leaving me windburnt and stiff-necked. We tolerate. Why? Because I’m happy to have the clim, after all. Not having it is insanity during the summer months, and only half insanity in the other months. And because frankly we’re happy to have a bed that was bought new and is clean and, when I’m not kicking Pirate in the ribs to get some space, it’s actually comfortable enough. Enough.

Enoughness. It is enough, isn’t it, to have a nice bed? Even if I can’t have that deep, soft, sleep inducing comfortable pilow-top mattress I left behind (read:still whine over) in San Francisco? It is. And since we sleep upstairs, isn’t it enough that we even have air conditioning, as opposed to sweating through nights relying on one window to bring in enough air to keep us comfortable? It is. It is enough, because when I wake up on the floor and see Pirate sleeping soundly on the toast, I look out the window at the town and the sea below us, re-align my spine, and consider the beautiful island I live on and the gorgeous beaches I frequent, the fresh food I prepare for Pirate and Les Monstres.

The question is, are two cups of coffee really enough for Pirate to begin talking to me in the morning or should he wait until I’ve had a third one – the coffee here just isn’t up to par you know….no seriously, have you had Blue Bottle Coffee? There’s just no going back from that….

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