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>The lives within our life

22 May


Les Monstres are a busy pair. They look after so many things each day, you see. For one thing, there is the entire planet of LEGO which exists in the playroom. For another thing there is planet Playmobil. From time to time I find life in the playroom carrying on without Les Monstres, which is kind of freaky.

I found Batman and not quite Robin having a conversation in a not so well lit playroom, alone.

Then I opened the window for some sunlight, and saw the body of a LEGO man on one side, and the house they had ransacked, and gasp, the body of an innocent Playmobil man on the other side. Jeesh. I have no idea what went down but the aftermath is clear.

“Batman, we’ve got to clean up this mess before they come back. I don’t know what the hell you were drinking last night but you should not have driven that Batmobile home. Now look: we’ve got a dead comrade and a dead Playmobil dude. But that’s okay ‘cos we can take his house…the Lego dude though..jeez dude, get it together!”

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