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Fun with advertising in Gwada

13 Jun

Something that never gets old is perusing advertisements around Guadeloupe.In a marketing office somewhere, an ad whiz drums up ideas of how to sell products to people in the French Caribbean. Featured here is just one example of their finished work.  As an American, I find the pizza advertisement particularly amusing. Let’s sum up what we are to learn from this advertisement for the newest flavors offered by a pizza parlor chain:

1. American flavors are patriotic and that is why the Hawaiian BBQ pizza comes with your own replica of the statue of liberty.

2. ‘Yes we can’ is more than a presidential campaign slogan – it’s the slogan for the size of the pizzas in Guadeloupe as compared to those in the states: Yes we can finish this pizza because it’s the size of a silver dollar. That’s the large.

3. Fast Food is a pizza flavor. What’s that like? Judging by the image of the pizza, they’ve tried to combine the worst best of American greasy spoon eating with pizza, by throwing a fried egg on top. Mmm. Bet that’ll hold up well in the fridge for the next morning: automatic breakfast pizza woohoo!

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