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Local fruit in Guadeloupe

14 Sep

You know when you discover something so basic that you feel kind of stupid for not knowing about it beforehand? Yeah. Welcome to the most common emotional state of someone who likes to make things way more complicated than they really are. In two years, I’ve never tried to make puree, which is quite popular here: in order to make gratin, for mixing into various baked items, stuff like that. My neighbor recently shared some homemade gratin banane with me which was just the best thing ever. When she explained how she made it, it was so simple sounding that I was ashamed I’d never tried.  Here I was thinking this delicious stuff can’t be easy to make or it wouldn’t be so delicious. Wrong! Another friend introduced me to this basic kitchen apparatus, the passe-purée.  So simple. So basic. So easy. So useful. 

This morning I used my very own, newly purchased passe-purée to make some puree of mango and banana, both picked from nearby gardens. I mixed it with some yogurt. Best. Breakfast. Ever.   Oh, but wait. I have another best ever.  Last week, I bought a two Euro bag of local guavas, and made three – THREE – bottles of guava juice. Seriously? BEST EVER!

Long live grandma’s passe-purée!

Old school passe-puree.

Mango banana puree mixed with yogurt.

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