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The Natural Beauty of Guadeloupe

5 Sep

Sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy the nature and natural beauty of Guadeloupe. It reminds me of many moments throughout my time in San Francisco when I would look around, sigh, and say, “Yeah. I live here. This is why I live here”.  It’s such a great feeling. Sunset seems to be the time of day when this ‘why I live here’ phenomenon occurs….

Sunset in nouvelle residence, Sainte Anne

A bit earlier….a bit less dramatic.


Around Guadeloupe

1 Sep

Mural advertising hair salon, Sainte Anne

Centre-Ville Sainte Anne butcher offering among other items, horse meat.

Blurry vision of a random outhouse on a hike from Gissac neighborhood towards Bois Jolan Beach.

Along the road to Bois Jolan I like the sugar cane fields, farmers, animals, and very few cars.

Although the lens of my phone camera is a bit blurry, it adds to the beauty of this side road in St. Francois.

Artwork behind the counter in La Rosy Restaurant in the Center of Gosier.

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