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A little help from l’Americaine

31 Aug

I’d like to share a nice website for expats, soon to be expats, and travelers, and well just about anyone interested in reading about someplace else:


It’s a decent site with potential and current travelers and expats sharing information. I get private messages through that site often enough, and the most popular question is how do I come live in Guadeloupe, or I’m coming to Guadeloupe and then what should I do? Honestly, I can’t answer these questions very well, everyone’s journey is different. The reasons you travel, the length of time, what you want from your experience, what you require on  your trip or in your life….

I can however give answers to more specific questions, such as the one from a reader quite recently.  He asked me to recommend a site or some resource to help him find a rental home for a few months in Guadeloupe. He would like to come to learn French.  Pas de problème.

For the French equivalent to Craigslist, I recommend a site I visit many days a week for various reasons: Le Bon Coin. (The good corner, or the right neighborhood or spot…) It’s all in French and I don’t see any English language option. Not to fear if you don’t understand. If you make an effort to translate the words on the site you can understand easily enough I believe. Contacting the posters on the other hand may prove more difficult if there is a language barrier. Find a friend who speaks French? Try emailing in English and French and see what happens?  Look at the images for a key on how to search vacation rentals in Guadeloupe on the site.I chose the listing just because it came up and have zero connection to the people or the rental.


I did a fast search on Craigslist and found one English language listing for Guadeloupe rentals, in Grande Anse. A beautiful neck of the woods, the north east tip of Basse-Terre.

VRBO is a site I have used once or twice. I never actually rented but was in contact with some of the owners/posters, and received fast replies with complete and  personal answers. My thinking is that it’s a site people (pay to?) use so that they look a bit more professional when dealing with people from different parts of the world. You be the judge. Here is one listing I found for Guadeloupe.

Although I’m in no way obligated to say this, I hope that anyone who visits these sites will use their best judgement. If people ask you for what seems like an awful lot of money site unseen and not much information given, it’s probably a scam. Some people are really good at scams. On the other hand, I’ll go out on a limb and say that things are more laid back here than in most places. Things are promised on a handshake so to speak, and if it’s something big like you’re paying them to rent their house, they’ll normally come through but you might feel iffy about it because it doesn’t involve the usual jumping through specifically drawn hoops as in other places. Ask what you need to ask and if French isn’t easy for you, or English isn’t that clear from your contact, do not be shy about repetitive requests for clarification, just repetitively be polite about it.  One last suggestion is to visit forums and ask around. What experiences have people had renting in more laid back places? What common threads do you find so that you can feel comfortable with what you encounter as not so strange? And always have a plan B as in Bummer that didn’t work out But we’ve got a solution on the Back Burner. Muhahaa