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>That farmer next door and his magic fertilizer

24 Sep

>I’m sure I’ve mentioned the farmer next door who came looking for his pigs in our complex one day? Yes, he farms a plot of land over there which I view each time I go in or out of the complex. It seems to have the power of the legendary beanstalk that Jack climbed. I tell you, it is growing at such a rate that I simply MUST know how he does it. How is it that just a quarter mile away in my own little garden, everything was chomped, stolen, destroyed overnight and his plot flourishes so, leaving me green (cheesey pun entirely intended) with envy?

Well, I have some options. I could a. go over and ask him in my broken French how he does it and if I can have a plant, or b. stare longingly at the plot each time I go by, make some guesses, spend some time online, and try once again to make a garden at our house. A is a lot of courage for me to be honest, but B is a whole lot of work which could just be stolen again in the night. Wait a minute…maybe the pigs took my garden? Maybe they ate it. Which would mean they would have returned home to their lush plot and ‘fertilized’ that plot, making some of that plot rightfully mine, right?

Maybe I’ll start with finding out what he’s doing over there. It’s a veritable farm and I’m jealous. I’ll keep you posted, as I’m pretty determined to be a gardening success at some point. 

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