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Zen and the art of paying to DIY

12 Jun

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Do it yourself projects are always started with the best of intentions, and less than 100% confidence.  So, The Pirate and I are building a house in Guadeloupe. Okay we’re not actually building  the house with our own hands but if you could see how much we are paying the various supposed experts on the job versus how much work we correct, push, re-correct, and basically just do for them, well you might say we’re building the damn house ourselves. I feel as though we’re paying more for the opinion of the experts on our work, rather than the actual work of the experts. C’est la vie.

Poor Pirate, he’s a bit stressed by all of this. Since the waves are way down, surfing isn’t a big option for him to burn off the stress. And with Les Monstres getting bigger by the minute and going to all kinds of extra-curricular activities, including ear-pleasing choices such as drum  and guitar lessons, we’re both trying to decompress somehow. Enter yoga. I have two dvds. One is supposedly made for surfers, we tried it once. The other is kick-ass and I do it fairly often although not often enough. When I’ve completed one hour and a half of this body bending slow torture, I do actually feel pretty great. I’m hoping Pirate will join me although I know he is threatened by my torso-twisting ability, perhaps that’s why he’s holding back?

Motivation not being my strongest point (read:I skipped dealing with my blog for what, a year?! But I thought about it every day.) I am a huge advocate of planning exercise with friends since it makes me feel much more like I can’t cancel just to loaf around. A long long time ago, in my non-French speaking days of my life in the slow moving place, I found a carte de visite for a holistic health coach. In English. Out of nowhere, a friend asked me a few weeks back if I’d like to go to a yoga class with her, and upon her description, “Almost died. Couldn’t hold myself up. Her definition of rest is not accurate”, I swiftly signed on. Well Mesdames et Messieurs, she was correct. I am pretty sure the amount of sweating in that class was equivalent to the entire amount I’ve sweated since I moved to Guadeloupe. Talk about lose a whole size in one session. We walked in, swam out. And guess what?! It was the holistic health coach I had taken the business card for so long ago.

If you come visit and say, don’t want to follow your surfer friends every day of their surf trip, you could go do some yoga. I promise it will burn off some of those ti-punches. She’s pretty fantastic: www.PetraRakebrandt.com

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