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Average Sunday in Guadeloupe

20 Jun

Yesterday we had a pretty average Sunday here in Guadeloupe. What’s that like for us, you ask? It’s like sweating, showering, beaching, sweating some more, cursing the laundry that didn’t dry well and smells funny, making fresh maracudja juice, watching American series on tv with the Pirate before bed .  I know, it really  packs a wallop, try to keep up people. Actually in the middle there we spent the afternoon with new friends at the Ilet du Gosier. Pas mal. Pas mal de tout.I’ve never actually stayed on that island for longer than fifteen minutes.  We took part in a big Creole style barbeque, which actually only consisted of really barbequing some fish, while the rest (did you know in French they say ‘le rest’? true.) was brought over in a big caterer’s box, (yes on a boat) prepared by some company. Pretty good eats, standard stuff for here, gratin d’Igname, gratin de christophine, fried chicken, frozen-cooked mini pastry appetizers (you know the ones, mini quiches, pizzas, cheesy puffy pastry balls…) and an enormous pan of Paella. The French proudly mispronounce this as “Pah-ey-LA” and that makes me crazy when anyone who can’t make the appropriate “euuuuu” sound in French is mocked.  I should do a blog post of words that annoy me.

The key item to any Creole style barbecue is not the barbecue. It’s the music. How un-American.  The music must be LOUD. The music sound should be adjusted so that the tinny drum sound in the Zouk music is the loudest thing out there,  impossible to speak over. Impossible to think over. The music must be played at this volume and in this style for hours with absolutely no regard to anyone else, and certainly not to be drowned out by any other music from any other so called barbecue.  Try your best to find songs which sound almost the same, and play them one after the other. It will be a fun game for people to try and figure out if you’re playing the same song or if there is any difference. The equipment is impressive, simply because it’s there, on the island, brought over by people who need to have this music. Yesterday it consisted of a generator that seemed to be on the fritz (I was so thankful for those moments when the music died, I admit), some speakers, a laptop, and an equalizer with the cover removed to make tinkering with the inside easier, and a fan blowing directly on said equalizer to keep it cool. I should have taken a picture but well, it felt rude.

Now maybe you think I’m being a pissy old person about this music. I challenge YOU to listen to Zouk at top volume on a poor quality sound system – heck even a great one- without developing a twitch that can only be cured by more Caribbean rum.




Found an interesting blog by some nice folks who are sailing around the islands. They stopped in Gosier and took some nice pictures:



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